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Pas à Pas

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Pas à Pas is a m4l midi sequencer where each midi note information has its own sequencer.

The idea came from Maxime Dangles and the great m4l tutorial he made during covid lockdown. I then kept adding more and more features until it became a sequencer that i’m now glad to use.

There is 6 main sequencers :

  • Trigger
  • Note
  • Velocity
  • Duration
  • +/- Sequencer
  • Chord Sequencer

+2 other mod sequencers (click on the white arrow on the right)

Global parameters

  • Preset save / recal with Morph (interpolation) fonction !
  • Swing
  • Retrig All, Random All, Clear All steps
  • Retrigger the sequencers every X bars/beats/16h
  • Display the names of the sequencers, in case you forgot it

Commun parameters to all sequencers

  • Direction : forward, backward, pendullum and random
  • Rate
  • Step number : from 1 to 64
  • Randomize steps
  • Clear steps
  • “T” mode : the internal clock stops and now only moves forward when the Trigger sequencer send a trig

Specific parameters per sequencer

  • Trigger
    • Random step : if you change the percentage, it fills the gaps randomly according to this percentage
    • 0 or 1 : all steps off / all steps on
  • Note
    • Midi mode : if on, the scale is correlated to the midi input (lik, making Pas à Pas act quite like an arpeggiator. For instance, if you play a C major, the sequencer can only output C, E and G.
    • Transpose : transpose the result by semitones
  • Velocity
    • Min-Max : min and maximum velocity, from 1 to 127
  • Duration
    • Duration multiplier : multiply the duration from 0.1 to 10
    • Quantize duration : quantize duration to the nearest note value
  • +/-
    • +/- multiplier : the +/- sequencer apply an addition or a subtraction to the note value, from -4 to +4. This parameter multiplies this number from 0 to 12.
  • Chord
    • Chord multiplier : unlike the +/- sequencer, the chord sequencer triggers a second note, spaced from -12 to 12 semitones to the original note. This can be multiplied from 0 to 12.

💡 Tips

  • A Scale device right after Pas à Pas is a very good idea !
  • With 64 steps and fast speed, the mod sequencer can work like an LFO. And you can morph through the shapes you made with the preset morph 😀

There is quite a lot of time and adjustments behind this device, so if you enjoy it I would be very happy if you buy me a coffee. Or a sandwich. Or a synth !

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Pas à Pas

4 ratings
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